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Cine Meter

A light meter / waveform monitor / false-color display for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.
Cine Meter II

An even better spot meter / incident meter / color meter / waveform monitor / false-color display for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

A wireless waveform monitor for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and Teradek Cube / Clip / VidiU transmitters.
AJW's Filters

Free FXScript filters for Final Cut Pro Classic (not FCPX): chroma smoothing, dead-pixel masking, and other geeky things.
Free Mac utility to make sure AVCHD media files/folders are uppercased, to avoid confusing OS X.


Software Engineering

Hire this geek! Over 20 years experience writing high-performance code for realtime control, with elegant interfaces designed with (and for) users.
Film & Video

I do production and postproduction work on the side.



I write occasional camera reviews and other articles for ProVideoCoalition and DVInfo.
The world-renowned DV FAQ: All about DV, DVCAM, and DVCPRO.
HD camcorder comparisons from 2006.
Working with HDV circa 2007: early cameras; component monitoring with HP 2335 displays.
Video Tidbits
Mixing DV tape brands; various DV-related tips; character generation roll rates and interlaced flicker; etc.
24p / AG-DVX100P

Ruminations on Panasonic's affordable, standard-def 24p DV camcorders (last updated 2008).

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