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Software Engineering
Hire this geek! Over 20 years experience writing high-performance code for realtime control, with elegant interfaces designed with (and for) users.
Film & Video
I do production and postproduction work on the side.


Cine Meter
A light meter / waveform monitor / false-color display for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.
Cine Meter II
An even better, cinematographer-oriented light meter / waveform monitor / false-color display for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.
AJW's Filters
Free FXScript filters for Final Cut Pro (not FCPX): chroma smoothing, dead-pixel masking, and other geeky things.
avchd2AVCHD Free Mac utility to make sure AVCHD media files/folders are uppercased, to avoid confusing OS X.


I write occasional camera reviews and other articles for ProVideoCoalition and DVInfo.
DV The world-renowned DV FAQ: All about DV, DVCAM, and DVCPRO.
HD HD camcorder comparisons from 2006.
HDV Working with HDV circa 2007: early cameras; component monitoring with HP 2335 displays.
Video Tidbits Mixing DV tape brands; various DV-related tips; character generation roll rates and interlaced flicker; etc.
24p / AG-DVX100P
Ruminations on Panasonic's affordable, standard-def 24p DV camcorders (last updated 2008).


The Economist
The best "real news" on the 'net or in print.
The Register
Tabloid information technology journalism, written by real British hacks (and hackers).

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