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Interface design, realtime control, client/server systems, etc.

I design applications and write software. I've worked on UI/UX, graphics, imaging, and broadcast television applications, where my background in film, video, and computer graphics production informs my designs and helps me better understand the customer's needs.


Needs analysis, product definition, object-oriented software design and programming, embedded systems. Networking, communications, client/server systems, real-time control. Technical writing and presentation. Film & video production/post-production.
CTO Center for Moving Image Research, Inc. Jun 2021 - present
IT support for the Cinematography Mailing List: maintaining / updating CML’s website, mailing lists, and video channels; organizing and conducting cinema technology tests.
Consultant / Independent Software Developer Video Devices, Kranky Kids, myself, others. Oct 2012 - present
Four iOS apps in the App Store: FieldMonitor, Cine Meter II, Cine Meter and My Daily Cow. UX/UI design and coding for PIX-E portable video monitor/recorders. 64-bit Windows 7 software for a high-end archival film-scanning system with real-time image stabilization. iPhone app for selecting ND filters for drone photography. Hardware and software design for a handheld digital water-quality analyzer. iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, C++, VS2012, Qt, Linux, Arduino, ESP-IDF.
Technical Services
Meets The Eye
Nov 2007 - Oct 2012
Engineer / technician / cameraman / editor for film production / rental stage startup: specified cameras, lenses, support systems, monitors, editing systems, IT and storage infrastructure; designed & installed 10GBaseT networking and 3G SDI video routing; wrote OS X utility programs; photographed, edited, color-corrected, and provided visual effects for short videos and feature films.
Sr. Engineer; Project Lead Omneon Video Networks (now Harmonic)
Aug 2000 - Nov 2007
Windows and Macintosh application programs for video server control and media manipulation, using C++ and Java. UI redesign. Lead engineer on ProBrowse client/server proxy media system (Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby, HTML). Worked with Apple to improve Final Cut Pro’s usability with Omneon servers. Trade show demos and support. Win32, Visual C++ 6.0, MFC; Mac OS9; OS X; Java; AppleScript; Xcode; Subversion; Jira.
Consultant Pinnacle, ABC, Adobe, Burst, Lucent, others Feb 1997 - Nov 2007
Software engineering and network training for Pinnacle. Custom UI & touchscreen control software, realtime elections data simulator, on-air database-driven elections software for ABC. Perceptual analysis and display simulation software; scriptable video switcher and multiple-VTR controllers; web video broadcast scheduling system; Nonlinear editor UI redesign usability analysis. Win32, Visual C++, MFC, C++ Builder, MSSQL 6.5; MacOS 8/9, CodeWarrior4, AppleScript, Java.
Sr. SW Engineer; Project Lead Pinnacle Systems (now Avid)
Jan 1994 - Feb 1997
FlashFile networked video still store. Customer operations analysis, product definition/specification, user interface and control panel redesign. C++ and 8051 assembly programming; serial and network communications; real-time hardware control. On-site application engineering, training, installation at ABC/Capital Cities, ESPN, others.
Sr. SW Engineer / Consultant Louth Automation / Grass Valley Group, CBS Feb 1993 - Jan 1996
Networked client/server scheduling system controlling GVG SMS-7000 router. Specification, design, Object Pascal programming, documentation; training and installation at CBS in New York. Networked multi-user database with user-configurable viewers and editors, NetBIOS RPC interface, comprehensive event logging, fully-mirrored redundant servers.
Sr. Software Engineer Borland International Oct 1991 - Dec 1992
Bitmap/icon editor for OS/2 Resource Workshop. Design and C++ programming: RW's UI class hierarchy with multiple window interface and floating tool palettes; bitmap/icon editing.
Sr. SW Engineer; Project Lead Abekas Video Systems Sep 1988 - Oct 1991
A72 Video Character Generator.  Embedded C and assembly programming: system enhancements and extensions. Kanji support including needs analysis / customer visits in Tokyo, Atsugi, Hong Kong; graphics package; user interface, file system, mouse/trackball, system utilities. Bitstream typeface converters for PC, Sun, and SGI; typeface utilities for PCs.
Software Engineer Circuit Studios Inc.
Aug 1986 - Sep 1988
Velocity 3D broadcast animation system (world's first real-time, solid-modeling animation design system). C, 8086 assembly. Serial communications;  VTR control; file system with hierarchical file dependencies, long file names (atop a DOS 8.3 file system infrastructure); icon editor. Designed, built, wired video graphics production suite; created animations for public television; shot / edited video programs; maintained NTSC and RGB video equipment.


FieldMonitor, iPhone app in the App Store, May 2016.
Cine Meter II, iPhone app in the App Store, June 2014.
Cine Meter, iPhone app in the App Store, January 2013.
My Daily Cow, iPhone app in the App Store, April 2012.
Camera Log channel on camera reviews, workflow articles. December 2007 - present.
Camera, equipment, and industry event coverage on, March 2013 - November 2016.
“Technical Difficulties”
, regular column and equipment reviews in DV Magazine, June 2000 - November 2007.
Co-author, Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System, Apple Pro Training Series, Peachpit Press, 2005.
“The Promise of 24P”
, interview with Larry Thorpe, RES Magazine,  2nd quarter 2000.
“Orchestrating 1s And 0s, A Brief History of DV and IEEE-1394”
, Government Video News, March 2000.
“Still Stores and Networking in the Age of the Information Superhighway”
 (with George Uibel),  Television Broadcast , March 1995.
“Design of the A72 Digital Character Generator and its Implications”
, Proceedings, 26th Annual SMPTE Advanced Television and Electronic Imaging Conference, Feb 1992; reprinted as “Design and Evolution of the A72 Digital Character Generator”SMPTE Journal, Dec 1992.


Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing, Design, & Controls), Carnegie-Mellon University, 1986.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, 1982.


Contact me: I'm always interested in new challenges.

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