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AJW's Filters for Final Cut Pro: Fix DV's steppy chroma; mask bad pixels, blur and offset channels, etc.

(last updated 2010.01.29)

What the heck?

525/59.94 DV and DVCAM uses 4:1:1 chroma subsampling. The coarse chroma resolution causes all sorts of steppy edge problems in chroma keying and in "upconversion" to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 output formats.

Some DV codecs, like Avid's, filter or smooth the chroma on decompression (details here). Others, like Matrox's, let you turn chroma filtering and interpolation on or off as you see fit. But the Apple codec used in Final Cut Pro doesn't give you any choice: it's steppy edges, all the way.

I got tired of trying to fix the problem with the matte chokers, so I wrote FXScripts for  (a) a chroma blur and (b) a Y/C offset, to make keying easier and better, and to improve the quality of still frames I pull from DV footage in FCP. And then later on I wrote some more. And here they are.

Screenshot of filters in Effects windowFCP Plugins

They're free. Download them here.

They include:

Download them and unzip them; youíll get a folder called ďAJWís FiltersĒ. Drop it into  /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins. Start (or restart) FCP. Hey presto: new filters!

Use them, take them apart, rebuild them, modify them for your own nefarious needs based on your own brilliant brainstorms. Throw some or all of them away if they bore you. Thatís freedom, isnít it?

Note: these filters are provided with no warranty or guarantee of suitability or fitness for any purpose whatsoever. Use 'em at your own risk.

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