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A cinematography-focused light meter with a waveform monitor, false-color picture, and color metering
“Cine Meter II is an essential app for every cinematographer. … Adam’s original Cine Meter app for iPhone and iOS was brilliant. This one is even better.”
— Jon Fauer, ASC, in Film and Digital Times

“I don't always carry my Spectra or Minolta meters but I do have my phone with me and it gives me the confidence to have extremely accurate light and kelvin and green-magenta shift readings. I have used it on scouts and production with good results. If you are a cinematographer at any level it is the perfect app to have with you at all times.”
Roberto “Ganzo” Schaefer, ASC, AIC (DP: Quantum of Solace
, The Kite Runner, Finding Neverland, etc.)

One of 6 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Cinematography, Indiewire

It’s becoming one of those things I can’t live without.”Christopher O‘Grady

Looking for the original Cine Meter? Here it is.

Compare Cine Meter vs. Cine Meter II

Lumu Power cannot be used with Cine Meter II. Only Lumu’s own Light Meter app can talk to Lumu Power.

Cine Meter II turns your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® into a reflected light meter, an RGB waveform monitor, and a false-color picture monitor. Cine Meter II works on any iDevice with a camera running iOS 6 or higher. It expands the original Cine Meter app with several added features:

Cine Meter II viewing a ChromaDuMonde® chart        Cine Meter II in incident / color metering mode

Cine Meter II in floating-aperture, shutter-angle mode viewing DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde® chart.
Cine Meter II with a Luxi™ diffuser for incident and color temperature/tint readings, showing the color-correction panel.

See the light: Cine Meter II not only gives you exposure information, it shows you at a glance how evenly your greenscreen is lit, and where high-contrast hotspots and shadows are. With Cine Meter II, you can walk around, light your set, and solve problems long before your real camera is set up, making pictures, and running down its batteries.

Cine Meter II's false color adjustments
Cine Meter II in landscape orientation, showing false-color controls

Cine Meter II runs entirely on your iDevice: it doesn’t use WiFi or mobile data. No ads, no in-app purchases, no tracking. If you have power in the battery and light in front of the lens, it will work.

Download on the App Store

(If you’re on an iPad running iOS 6 or newer, select “iPhone Apps” in the App Store.
Otherwise, Cine Meter II may not show up.)

Original Cinemeter II

Cine Meter II is inspired by the original Cinemeter II exposure system, a digital/analog light meter designed for cinematographers by Thomas Denove and William Blowers.

Cinemeter II has separate dials for ISO, FPS, and shutter angle. A row of white flip switches lets you include compensation for an 85 filter (for shooting tungsten-balanced film stock in daylight) as well as ND filters from .3 to .9. It truly was (and is) a light meter created by cinematographers for cinematographers. Cinemeter II earned Denove & Blowers a Technical Academy Award in 1990.

My thanks to Steven Lighthill, ASC, for telling me about Cinemeter II.

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ChromaDuMonde® charts seen in Cine Meter II screenshots used with kind permission of DSC Labs. DSC Labs is not responsible for any images viewed with Cine Meter II, or how they appear in Cine Meter II’s pictures.

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