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A wireless video monitor for iPhone


turns your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® into a wireless picture monitor / waveform monitor / vectorscope / histogram. See exactly what your camera is doing, without tethering your camera — or yourself — to a hardwired monitor and set of ’scopes.

Sonys with Access Authentication must have it turned off to work with FieldMonitor!

Some Sonys (A7Rv, FX30, etc.) that use Creator's App for remote control will not work with FieldMonitor unless you turn off Access Authentication: FieldMonitor will say “Press OK on the camera to allow FieldMonitor pairing”, but the camera doesn’t offer an OK button. On the camera, press MENU and go to  Network > Network Option > Access Authen. Settings > Access Authen., and turn it Off. Then retry your connection, in either Smartphone Connection or PC Remote mode.

FieldMonitor works with compatible Canon™, Panasonic™and Sony™ cameras, and with Teradek™ H.264 transmitters (Teradek monitoring requires iOS 10 or later).
  • Full-screen monitoring of your signal, with or without engineering ’scopes.
  • Onscreen markers: frameline and mask with adjustable safe areas and aspect ratios; several grids, center markers, and a customizable crosshair.
  • Focus Assist with variable sensitivity and four peaking modes (On iOS 11, focus assist requires iOS 11.2 or later).
  • 3D LUTs to view camera images: use the built-in LUTs or import your own .cube LUTs.
  • On modern iDevices, you can also see a fully-adjustable false-color overlay for direct exposure verification.
  • H and V Image Flip; Image Rotation.
  • Anamorphic desqueeze for 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x, and 2.0x lenses, with H/V selection and a desqueeze ratio adjustment.
  • With a compatible camera you also get start/stop, exposure, color balance, and focus controls, so you can maintain essential control even while recording (FieldMonitor provides a limited set of controls intended to supplement or replace on-camera adjustments while recording under Wi-Fi control. It does not replace Canon’s Camera Connect, Panasonic’s Image App or Lumix Sync, or Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile for more comprehensive control, configuration, playback, and image transfer).

Before buying FieldMonitor, test with your camera’s native Wi-Fi app: FieldMonitor can’t make your camera do anything that the camera’s native app can’t make it do! If you're not happy with how your camera’s native app performs or the camera control it allows, you won't be happy with FieldMonitor either.

  • Sony: only cameras using Imaging Edge Mobile or mirrorless cameras using Creator’s App are supported in FieldMonitor.
  • If your camera can’t shoot video using its native app, it won’t be able to shoot video using FieldMonitor.
  • FieldMonitor talks to your camera the same way your camera’s native app does. It will have the same range, resolution, reliability, and latency as the native app. If the native app performs poorly, then FieldMonitor will, too.
  • FieldMonitor only provides the same camera controls as the native app does. For example, if the native app doesn’t allow tap-to-focus, manual focus, face detection, in-camera peaking, or image mag with your camera, then FieldMonitor won't either. If you can’t set the focus point with the native app, you won’t be able to set it with FieldMonitor. If your camera won’t allow log shooting or Picture Profiles with the native app, it won’t allow log shooting or Picture Profiles with FieldMonitor.

FieldMonitor does not provide playback functions, menu controls, or image download capability, even if your camera’s native app does.

FieldMonitor only connects using Wi-Fi. USB tethering is not possible.

FieldMonitor does not control or monitor other iDevices. If you are using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as your camera, look at FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote.

FieldMonitor is designed primarily for video production. If you are taking still photos, you might prefer Cascable.

Using a Sony A1, 7C, 7Riv, 7RivA, 7Siii, A9ii, FX3, or newer? You might prefer Monitor+.

Current Version Compatibility & Capability

Source Type
Live-view Resolution (16x9 images)
Camera Control
Display LUTs &
Focus Assist
Canon EOS DSLR and mirrorless cameras (but not the R5 C) that work with Canon’s Camera Connect app 512x288 Yes Yes Canons can’t output a clean HDMI feed when Wi-Fi remote control is active, so only internal recording can be used. No camera-generated peaking display. Latency: 5–7 frames @ 24fps typical.
Panasonic Lumix cameras using Image App or Lumix Sync remote control (S1-series compatibility requires iOS 9 or later)
Yes Yes GH4s can’t record 10-bit when in Wi-Fi remote mode. Some cameras only transmit 320x180 images. Camera’s peaking display may not be available while recording. Latency: 4 frames @ 24fps typical.
Sony “Smart Remote” cameras (A6300, A6500, A7Sii, A7Rii, etc.) that work with Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile app 640x360 Yes Yes “Smart Remote” Sonys disable Picture Profiles and other features in Wi-Fi remote mode: no S-Log, no S&Q motion! No tap-to-focus control in movie mode. No still-photo image review. No focus mag or camera-generated peaking. Latency: 5–6 frames @ 24fps typical.
Sony “Ctrl w/ Smartphone” cameras (A6400, A6600, A7iii, A7Riii, A9, A99ii, etc.) that work with Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile app 640x360 Yes Yes S-Log works, S&Q motion works. No focus-area display or tap-to-focus control; no battery or storage display. No focus mag or camera-generated peaking. Latency: 5–6 frames @ 24fps typical.
Sony* “Ctrl w/ Smartphone” and “Smartphone Connect”cameras (cameras with * after their name in FieldMonitor: A1, A7Siii, A7Riv, A9 version 5+,  etc.) that work with Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile app 1024x576
Yes Yes S-Log works, S&Q motion works. No focus-area display. Tap-to-focus control only on A1, A7Siii in movie mode. No focus mag or camera-generated peaking. Latency: 3 frames @ 24fps typical. 1024x576 in “PC Remote” mode only.
Sony* “Smartphone Connection” cameras (A7Rv version 2+, A7iv version 2+, ZV-E1, ZV-1F, FX3 version 3+, FX30 version 2+, etc.) that work with Sony’s Creator’s App


Yes Yes Access Authentication must be turned off. S-Log works, S&Q motion works. No focus-area display. Tap-to-focus control only in movie mode. No focus mag or camera-generated peaking. Latency: 3 frames @ 24fps typical.
Teradek H.264 / HEVC transmitters (Cube, Serv Pro, Clip, VidiU. Contact me if you need Serv Micro or Serv 4K support) depends on Teradek settings; 240p to 1080p No Yes Requires iOS 10+. H.264 or HEVC streams only. Latency: 4+ frames @24fps depending on encoder settings. LUTs & Focus Assist only available when Convert Images to RGB is on.
Fujifilm X-T3 and X-T100 cameras only. Fujifilm video functionality when using wi-fi remote control is very poor and FieldMonitor cannot improve it. Using a Fujifilm for video with wi-fi control is not recommended. FieldMonitor’s Fujifilm support is being maintained for existing customers and no further development is planned. 640x360 Yes Yes X-T3 only records 1080p/29.97. X-T100 only records 720p/24. No on-camera controls or displays. No manual focus with focus-by-wire-lenses. No HDMI monitoring or recording. No tap-to-focus control in movie mode. No focus mag or camera-generated peaking. See “Fujifilm issues” for full details. Latency: 2–3 frames @ 24fps typical.

  • Audio monitoring is not possible with camera sources, only with Teradeks.
  • If your camera lacks a mode dial or switch to choose between stills and movies, you won't be able to switch modes using FieldMonitor.
  • FieldMonitor (like any other live monitoring and control Wi-Fi app) depends on having a clear Wi-Fi channel for communication. In areas with many busy Wi-Fi networks and/or sources of radio interference, performance cannot be guaranteed. Test for adequate performance using your camera’s native app before buying FieldMonitor!

Screenshots and Videos

Not all features and functions shown are available with every camera, in every mode, regardless of the iDevice being used.
  • Panasonics in manual-focus mode provide the richest set of Wi-Fi controls and functions.
  • Panasonics in AF mode and Sonys show fewer focusing controls. You can’t set the focus point on most Sonys in movie mode.
  • Many Sonys do not display focus area, battery level, or storage space.
  • Teradeks have no camera controls.
  • Older iDevices with A6 or earlier processors can’t show false color.

Full screen monitoring: camera controls at the edges, plus a focus-area rectangle when the camera provides it (Canons, Panasonics and Smart Remote Sonys only, and only in certain focusing modes).

Typical Panasonic controls in manual-focus mode
Typical Panasonic controls in manual-focus mode. Panasonics send storage and battery-level information. Camera battery level shown with PWR: label, iDevice battery shown with the i: label.

Typical Sony controls in manual-focus mode
Typical Sony controls in manual-focus mode. This Sony does not send storage or battery information, and the AF button only works in AF mode. iDevice battery shown with iPWR: label.

Display one or three ’scopes and set up how they should appear. There are frameline, mask, grid, center, and custom markers, too. You can hide or show camera controls, ’scopes, markers, and other embellishments as you see fit, simply by tapping the screen.

FieldMonitor with WFM and markers

False-color display allows setting each of the color levels (false color requires iDevices with A7 or later processors).

FieldMonitor false color display controls

Unsure where your focus is?

FieldMonitor normal image

Focus Assist gives you fully adjustable in-app sharpening, like an analog peaking control.

FieldMonitor Focus Assist in peaking mode

Focus Assist’s Edge Mode really emphasizes where focus is placed.

FieldMonitor Focus Assist in Edge Mode

Focus Assist demo:

Anamorphic support? Sure! Pick your lens and your final cropped aspect ratio.

anamorphic, with controls

Desqueeze Adjustment lets you fine-tune the squeeze ratio:

The 4-WAY display lets you see all the ’scopes alongside picture. A tap of the screen hides controls for a clear view.

4-way view

Many Panasonic cameras offer a camera-generated peaking display in manual-focus mode (in STBY only for most cameras, though the GH5, GH6, and later cameras display it while recording).


With Panasonics in manual-focus STBY mode, you can magnify the focus area as both picture-in-picture...

PinP image mag

...and as a full-screen image.

fullscreen image mag

Use a LUT to properly view log images or to apply a look.

Display LUT

A demo of FieldMonitor’s monitoring tools:

A demo of version 8.0, showing FieldMonitor’s Canon support:

Version 8.1, showing Panasonic operations:

Version 4.2, showing FieldMonitor’s Sony-specific operations:

Version 4.1 reviewed by DSLRVideoShooter:

Version 4.1 reviewed by DansTube.tv in Australia:

Versión 4.1 revisada por Toni Galera en LookMediaSpain.com:

See also Newsshooter.com's 2½ minute video on Wi-Fi WFM (FieldMonitor's predecessor) from Cine Gear Expo 2016. 

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FieldMonitor is an independently-developed app, not a product of Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, or Teradek. Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, and Teradek are not responsible for FieldMonitor’s performance, suitability, or fitness for purpose.

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