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Two light-meter apps compared
Cine Meter and Cine Meter II are two separate products with a common core feature set. Both have exactly the same false-color and waveform-monitor displays.

If all you really want is a WFM and a false-color display, along with a basic exposure meter, then Cine Meter will do what you need.

Cine Meter II adds:
So Cine Meter II is a more fully-featured reflected & incident exposure meter and color meter for cinematographers.

Cine Meter Cine Meter II
Common Features Live Picture with adjustable false-color mode.
Waveform monitor with Y, RGB, and YRGB modes; frame or line view.
Shutter-priority reflected light meter.
Spot metering (central 40% of image).
Exposure and White Balance Locks.
Screen capture by tapping & holding picture.
Controls ISO; Shutter speed or FPS (assumes 180º shutter angle). ISO; FPS; Shutter speed or angle; secondary speed/angle readout; ND filter compensation; additional filter compensation. Aperture-priority by tapping and setting Aperture value. Difference measurement. Log recording.
Spotmeter area can be repositioned in image.
Spotmeter can be zoomed up to 15x. [1]
Camera Use
Rear-facing camera only. [2]
Front- or rear-facing camera, switchable.
Incident metering with Luxi & Lumu
Yes, including lux/fc measurement. [3]
Color Metering
Yes [4].
Device orientation
Landscape (horizontal) only.
Portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).
iOS 5.1.1 or newer
iOS 8 or newer (for latest version)
$5 (USA)
$25 (USA); $21 upgrade [5]

  1. Zoom requires iOS 7 or later and a recent iDevice: iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad Air, iPad mini 2G or later.
  2. Cine Meter will use the front camera on the 2013 - June 2014 iPod touch 5G 16GB models without a rear camera.
  3. Luxi™ is a clip-on photosphere dome costing US$30 (or less); models are available to fit any iDevice. Lumu works on any iDevice that has a headphone jack (it will not work on iPhone 7, 7Plus, or later models).
  4. Color metering requires iOS 8 or newer, and either a neutral white target (reflected mode) or a Luxi or Luxi For All (incident mode). Lumu cannot be used for color readings.
  5. You can upgrade from Cine Meter to Cine Meter II by finding Cine Meter Upgrade Bundle in the App Store, and selecting “Complete My Bundle”. You’ll save $4 (USA) over the cost of buying Cine Meter II by itself. Note: Bundles don’t show up in the App Store app on iOS 6 or earlier; you’ll need to use iTunes on your computer to see it, or upgrade your iDevice to iOS 7 or later.

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