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A cinematography-focused light meter with a waveform monitor and a false-color picture
This page describes Cine Meter II version 4.5 or later. Earlier versions are similar, but not all controls are the same, and some features described here aren’t available.

Cine Meter II uses buttons to change what the displays show, and taps on the displays to change how it’s shown. Cine Meter II also has a Help & Settings page (called Settings and Info in versions 1.5 and earlier) for less frequently needed tweaks, as well as built-in help.

The screenshots show Cine Meter II as it appears on iOS 7 and up. Cine Meter II also runs on iOS 6, but the appearance of fonts and buttons will differ from what’s shown here.

Buttons: Use buttons on the picture monitor to change the main displays:

Cine Meter II zoomed in, with white balance and exposure locked Use the buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to change metering modes and displays:

Tap and drag different parts of the screen:

Cine Meter's onscreen tap areas

You can move the false-color sliders while watching the image; the frame rate will drop while you adjust the levels, but you’ll still be able to see what you’re doing.

To disable red or yellow false color, slide its slider all the way to the right (“above 100%”). To disable blue, purple, or green, slide its slider all the way to the left (“below 0%”).

Readouts above the toolbar give additional info:

Help & Settings lets you adjust settings and see program info and help:



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